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"Ralph has continued to surpass our expectations and earn our trust.  We have worked with some of the largest brokerage firms in the commercial real estate business; the services and expertise provided by Ralph and Global Commercial Properties is every bit equal or better." 

"Something I have notice and enjoy when working with Ralph, is that he has a unique way of thinking, addressing obstacles and creating solutions.  He truly thinks outside the box."

Sal Rubino

The Rubino Group, Valley View Packing Co., Inc.

"Global Commercial Properties managed every aspect of each transaction from lease through construction, to handing the tenant the key, with calm expertise throughout."

Varsha Patel 

Managing Partner, Krimson Partners

"...I am interfacing on a daily basis with many commercial brokers and on a rare occasion I come across an individual that really stands out.  It was my pleasure working with Ralph who took the time to understand our space requirements and performed diligently from the initial LOI to final tenant improvements.  His professional demeanor and attention to detail was the primary ingredient to a pleasant and successful experience."

Jim Gillin

SVP Facilities, Carrington Mortgage Holdings, LLC

"Ralph met with us originally and seemed to be the only agent that listened to our needs, concerns and came to us with several outstanding commercial options."

Bob Singer

President, Platinum Investment Partners

"Ralph is my go-to person for all business real estate transactions.  He is professional, courteous and is genuinely interested in providing me with the best possible options.  As Xactly continues to grow, I am confident I will seek out Ralph's assistance when the time comes to look at new property options."

Christopher W. Cabrera

Founder, President & CEO, Xactly

"Given the volume of information and the number of properties, he somehow kept track of everything and made sure the information was communicated to the clients in a timely fashion."

Anthony F. Ventura

Attorney, Slater Hersey & Lieberman LLP

"Ralph is the consummate professional, always committed to doing a good job.  I respect his integrity and dedication towards successfully negotiating a transaction in which a positive outcome is achieved and all parties are satisfied with the results."

Mark Robson

President, Robson Homes

"In every instance, I have found Global Commercial Properties to have my best interest at heart, and my goals and objectives never compromised.

Rick Soukoulis

CEO, WesternBancorp

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